Club Repair

Services We Provide


We have a large selection of grips from Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin and Tackie Mac. Grips come in different sizes, colors and composition to fit your game and build confidence.  We don’t just put a grip on a club we make sure that the grip that we put on will improve your performance  allowing you to get the club head squared at impact.

To prolong your grips learn how to take care of your grips. Cleaning your grips is like brushing your teeth. you can benefit from both.

We can usually replace your grips in one day if we have it in stock or two days if we don’t.

Shaft Replacement

Shafts break, it happens. But a shaft can be replaced cheaper than buying a new club. Whether it is graphite or steel we can match that shaft by Performance, Flex, and length.

Change Loft and/or Lie

If you have not had the Lie of your irons checked, you should.  We don’t check one club, we check them all. This ensures that each club will perform consistently with your swing. Cost of Lie change is $5.00 per club.