Junior Golf Programs


     The main purpose of our Junior Golf Academy is to develop not only better golfers, but also better people. It is vital to remember that the child is more important than the folf swing. The goal of every junior program is to develop life long golfers, golfers who will continue to play long after the program is over.

     We carefully set up our program for all ages levels and abilities with restriction on the number of students in each session. Those who have paarticipated in our golf program in the past have enjoyed the program with manyu advancing their skills


Safety  –  Respect  –  Courtesy  –  Honesty  –  Responsibility

Sportsmanship  –  Integrity  –  Judgement  –  Confidence  –  Perseverance


Level 1     Ages 6 – 9  Cost $99.00     Level 2     Ages 10 – 14  Cost $100.00     Level 3     Ages 9 – 15  Cost $125.00

Each session is five days in length

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